Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 3 in Pod 1

Well done to all the children who have received medals and certificates over the past few weeks.

We have all been busy learning about how plants grow. Rooms 3 and 4 brought fruit and vegetables in for Show and Tell. On Friday we used all our senses to investigate the fruit and vegetables and sorted them into two groups. We found out that all fruit has seeds. That means tomatoes and capsicum are fruit not vegetables. We looked at the vegetables and thought about which part of the plant we eat: root (eg carrot, parsnip), stem (eg asparagus, celery), leaves (eg lettuce, cabbage). Millie brought in a purple carrot! Marley brought in a pomegranate and we ate the seeds inside.

Planting the Little Garden seeds

Room 3 exploring the school gardens

Such interesting fruit and vegetables: gooseberries and redcurrants



We thought these were all fruit.

We thought these were vegetables.
We cut open the capsicum and saw seeds - that means it is a fruit.
Tomatoes have seeds too!

A pomegranate has lots of seeds inside - so yummy to eat!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A fun start to Term 4

What a fabulous start we have had to the term. Welcome to the new children in Room 2 who have joined our team of learners.
As part of our learning about "Where does our food come from?" we are learning about growing plants. Check out the Explore tab (on right of page) to see photos of Room 4 investigating our school gardens.
This week we have all had fun learning about our new Pataitai stations. Here are some photos:
We love the fishing game at the water tray station.

Practising our throwing and catching skills.

We made this robot with the large construction materials.

Playing with the cars and mats.

Putting on a puppet show!

What beautiful paintings!

We are loving our new cafe role play station.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Last week of Term 3

What a fabulous fun-filled week we had in the last week of term.

On Tuesday we all tried our best in the Cross Country. Well done to our first three boys - Kelly (R4)  (absent for photo), Quinn (R3) and Rhys (R3) and first three girls - Marinette (R3), Mia (R3) and Isabella (R4). We were very proud of all children who took part, gave their best and supported each other.

On Wednesday we had a go at making our own marble runs. Check out the Explore page (link on right of the page) to see some photos. You will also see photos of R3 and 4 investigating ice for Science on Friday.

On Friday morning we had a special visitor to our Pod. We all listened well and asked questions to find out more about looking after lambs.

On Friday afternoon we visited our buddy classes in Pod 4. Room 3 children read with their big buddies in R16 and did some bee art-work. Room 4 worked with R14 to create some stunning bees for a display for Pod 1. Come into the pod and check them out.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

In Pod 1 we are kind to each other

Remi and Millie have both displayed acts of kindness so they are gluing a shimmering scale onto our Pod 1 fish.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Week 9 fun!

What a busy week we have had. On Monday and Tuesday children from both classes had fun exploring magnets. Click on the "Explore" link on the right hand side to see some photos.

Well done to all the children who have earned a medal over the past few weeks. Here are the children who received awards this Friday.
On Thursday we had 2 very cute visitors to our classrooms - Salt and Pepper the rabbits. Here are Room 4 enjoying cuddles: