This term we have been thinking about People Who Help Us. The children have really enjoyed imaginative play in the Doctor's Surgery.

Week 6 Term 2

We have had so much fun playing in the space station and blasting off into space!

The children in Room 4 love the Puppet Show station!

We have all been loving playing in the new Imagine Station - The Camp Ground. We have a pretend camp fire as well as a lake with fish that we catch with magnet fishing rods!

Here are some photos from Week 1, Term 4:
Making butterflies

In the writing room

Dress Up time

The letter formation station

Spelling out words in the "School Room"

Creating works of art

The Imagine space in Pod 1 encourages imaginative play and co-operation. Over the past 2 weeks the children have been loving playing in the cafe. Pretending to take orders from customers, cook and serve food is so much fun!

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  1. What lovely creative children! So many happy faces and lovely work. Well done.